Airbnb stole my design

Reading time: 3 min

Published: 14-11-2013

No of course they didn’t. But it caught your attentions so please sit trough this small post and help a designer who is looking for advice.

I was kind of shocked when I saw the new iOS7 update for Airbnb, which launched earlier this week.

This is why:

1) It looked frickin awesome.

2) it looked a lot like the design I’m working on at TravelBird. (A online travel agency based in Amsterdam.)

Left: TravelBird, right: Airbnb. (both are screenshots) (There will be small typography/alignment changes)

I’m flattered cause I bet there is an extremely talented team working on it and I’ve managed to produce something very similar on my own. But it also makes the design I’m working on less unique.

Though the menu and overall flow/interactions will be different in the TravelBird app I’m still kind of wondering if I should be doing a redesign or keep going down the same road.

Have you guys ever been in a similar situation? Or are capable of providing me with advice?

Please leave a reply here, Hacker News, DN or hit me up on twitter: @PeterDijkgraaf.


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