Visual storytelling through the lens of a camera

A picture can say more than a thousand words. I am always trying to figure out how to frame my surrounding to tell a story. Lately I’ve been obsessed with shooting time-lapses to try and capture the intimidating size of the Alps.

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Photography is another way for me to express my creativity. Because of this passion I’ll drag my camera up to crazy altitudes in the mountains. It also pushes me to wake up ridiculously early to catch that sunrise. Getting the framing right and providing the right amount of scale by placing people in the frame of a dramatic landscape is a never-ending challenge.

I have been able to put my photography and videography skills to good use at my previous jobs. From capturing workshops, shooting product shots to creating a video for Dr Oetker, documenting a project we did for them with frog. Some of my time-lapses have even been used by the BBC.